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Atlanta, GA Forensic Accountants

Business Valuation

Business Valuations

A family business is an asset that needs to be carefully analyzed in order to accurately determine its value for distribution between two parties in a divorce proceeding. As Atlanta CPAs experienced in divorce accounting, FairShare Financial®, PC is well versed in the discipline of determining the value of a business and will provide results that will assist you with trial preparation and stand up in court.

We utilizes a systematic process including replacement value, earnings multiples, cash flow analysis, ratio analysis in order to establish the value of this asset. We have extensive experience defending our conclusions and have provided expert witness testimony in Family and State court. Our reputation for excellence and proven valuation methodologies will represent you best when you need to be confident and well-prepared.

Certified Business Valuations

When you have a detailed presentation of the financial facts, it makes it much easier to negotiate a fair settlement for all parties. Call FairShare Financial®, PC at 678-329-3989 today and request a free consultation to discuss your needs.