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Atlanta, GA Forensic Accountants

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Divorce Accounting

Divorce accounting is often complex so access to a good Atlanta CPA firm is important to help you achieve the best possible financial result. FairShare Financial®, PC specializes in examining your finances to determine a fair and accurate reflection of the true financial picture. When you have a detailed presentation of the financial facts, its much easier to negotiate a fair settlement for all parties.

You can be instrumental in helping your litigation progress as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Gather all documents requested as quickly as possible and in as organized a fashion as you are able. Inform us of all financial information you have about your family finances and the financial activities of your spouse. Regardless of the duration of your marriage you have observed and discussed finances with your spouse, when in doubt share that information with us so we can determine if it is needed for your case. This is your case and the more involved you are, the better you will understand the process and the outcome.

Divorce Accounting Services

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